Libi Uremovic Lies Twice in One Headline

Libi Uremovic is telling lies again. In one of her latest posts on the Banning-Beaumont Patch titled “’Council Approves’ Million Dollar Contract to ULC”, she tells two lies in the title alone.

The first lie by Libi Uremovic is that the council approved a million-dollar contract. The actual value of the contract was $708,000. She knows this is a lie. She can be heard on the Council meeting podcast on YouTube telling the Council the value of the contract is $708,000.

The second lie is that the contract was to ULC, Urban Logic Consultants. The contract was extended with Utility Partners, not ULC. The knows the claim that the contract was approved “…to ULC” is also a lie. She can be seen in the council podcast trying to claim that an invoice from years ago which was issued by ULC to Utility Partners for their management of the sewer plant means that Utility Partners is ULC. Click here to view a video of the false claim.

 In her the body of her post, Libi Uremovic continues to lie, this time through omission.

First, she doesn’t explain that I moved to award the contract only after I determined that by not renewing the contract it would expire at the beginning of March and we would be left with no management of the plant if we chose to issue a new RFP and go out to rebid the contract. The RFP process would likely take 2-3 months to award a new contract.

Then Libi Uremovic omits the fact that I asked if we voted to renew the existing contract and went out to bid would we have a cost to terminate the new contract with Utility Partners if they were not selected for the new contract. Once I knew we had the ability to cancel the new contract with a cost free 120-day notice, I then moved to renew the existing contract.

Finally, she omitted the part of my motion that the staff was directed to analyze the pros and cons of bringing the management of the plant in house and to also bring back an RFP for council to consider.

Libi Uremovic will never provide credible evidence to support her lies because she can’t. Just writing an email to the state and federal agencies with her fake claims is not evidence.