My Final Post to the Banning-Beaumont Patch Bulletin Board

Below is a letter I sent to the Banning-Beaumont Patch Editor about the hijacking of a valuable resource of the citizens of Beaumont by Elizabeth Uremovic, the Patch's Bulletin Board. I asked the editor to forward my concerns to Patch Corporate Management in New York.

I have stopped posting to the Bulletin Board because I believe there is no positive value left in what was once a valuable resource for the Pass. It was a place where members of the community could come together to carry on constructive dialogue about the issues facing the Pass. Without a daily news publication in the Pass, the Patch filled a valuable need. I still think the Patch is a valuable resource for local news, I don't believe the Bulletin Board provides any relevant purpose anymore.

I will not be responding on the Bulletin Board to any of the comments to this, my final Patch post, or any other posts on the Bulletin Board going forward. I will continue to work to expose the fake news and counter it with the truth on my website and in letters to the editor. As always, I am available for a face to face public discussion with anyone who is interested in a constructive discussion about the issue and where I stand on those issues.

You can always reach me through my city email - You can also follow me on twitter @OurFocusOurKids or Lloyd White - Councilman.

Also, beginning last month, I have been contributing to a radio show on the only local station in the Pass Area, KMET 1490. The show's producer, Glenn Stull, and the host, Douglas Gibbs, invited me to provide insights to local issues on their program, The Conservative Voice. I am only involved every other week on the local segment of the show, I leave the rest of the world of politics to Glenn, Doug and the rest of their team. I appreciate the opportunity they are providing me to keep the citizens of Beaumont informed.

The show airs on Saturday beginning at 8 AM. They have been kind enough to provide me with clips of the local segments in which I participate. I have linked to these segments on my website and I will send out a Tweet whenever a new one becomes available.

Here is my letter to the Patch:


Once again Elizabeth Libi Uremovic is on the Patch’s Bulletin Board posting lies and libeling good people. Over her last few posts, she has made claims as facts that she knows are lies. In her latest post, she refers to people associated with the city as “crooks”, “Band of thugs”, and “dirty” with no evidence to support her claims. I believe this is a violation of your policy against personal attacks or insults.

On May 2, 2011, I was invited to be the Banning-Beaumont Patch’s first contributor, before there even was a Bulletin Board. The Patch was a great place to discuss local issues and carry on civil discourse. Even in the early days, Libi Uremovic’s posts were somewhat civil. Since then I know the editors of the Patch have done what you can to minimize the exposure of what the Bulletin Board has become, Libi Uremovic’s personal blog.  

Moving the posts and comments from the front page to the Bulletin Board page and now moving the Bulletin Board under the Neighbor Posts has made it harder to find the attacks and false claims. Our community thanks you for that. However, there are also positive and useful announcements for the community on the Bulletin Board but they get buried among Libi Uremovic’s hate filled rants. I feel this is a disservice to the members of the community who are posting community announcements. More importantly, this a disservice to all the residents of Banning and Beaumont. The Bulletin Board used to be a useful tool for announcing community events.

19 of the last 20 posts on the Bulletin Board have been by Libi Uremovic or about Libi Uremovic. The one lone community post was by the Beaumont Library director about a tropical bird show coming to our library. The Banning-Beaumont Patch brand is becoming Libi’s personal attack site. It is time for her to pay for and manage her own site and return the community bulletin board to the community.

If she is allowed to continue to use the Patch to spread false accusations and lies, I feel a need to respond with the truth. Specifically, there are two latest claims by Libi Uremovic I need to address.

First, she continues to make a claim which I already proved was false. She claims Alan Kapanicas, was paid $100,000 more than the negotiated settlement of $214,000. She knows this is a lie but keeps posting it. She also refuses to acknowledge the $214,000 was for employee benefits (vacation and sick pay) earned and that the city is required by law to pay. Here is a link to my post, ALAN KAPANICAS IS STILL RECEIVING A SALARY , in the fake news section of my blog If Libi Uremovic is going to continue with this lie, she needs to post her proof of the city paying Kapanicas more than the $214,000. She doesn’t because she can’t.

The other of Libi Uremovic’s many false claims she has posted in the last couple of weeks that needs my attention involves the contract extension for the City’s Transit Director. She claims the new contract makes Beaumont’s transit director the 2nd highest paid transit director in the state. At last week’s city council meeting Libi Uremovic was aware that the staff would be presenting proof that the new contract was in line with the transit directors in our region, more than half of the other directors were higher paid. I am sure she knew I would be asking her to provide proof of her lie but she conveniently left the meeting before the item was addressed.

Finally, she continues to make false claims and misrepresentation of the facts concerning the SEC’s (Security and Exchange Commission) investigation. I have also addressed this claim on my website in the post titled THE SEC ORDER.

I implore the Patch to stop allowing Libi Uremovic to use your organization to libel and insult everyone associated with the City of Beaumont. Your Bulletin Board is losing credibility and most likely readers. The rest of your site is still a valuable resource and I hope it is around for a long time to come.

Thank you,

Lloyd White