Roger Berg’s latest fake news

Following is a portion of a letter I sent to the Fair Political Practices Commission in repsonse to a complaint filed by Roger Berg concerning an easement that has been legally established, legally recorded and maintained by the City of Beaumont uninterrupted for 12 years. Below is a link to an email I sent to the FPPC in August 2017, more than a year before Mr. Berg filed his latest complaint.

Mr. Berg was soundly defeated 4 years ago, After the arrests of his friends he enabled to steal from the citizens of Beaumont to line their pockets for the 16 years he served the citizens of Beaumont, he was the first to offer testimony as a character witness. The following letter and the documents linked within should put this issue to rest for everyone but Roger Berg.

My Letter to the FPPC - 10/10/2018

I sent a request for advice from your office on August 18, 2017, when this issue was being raised by Mr. Berg. I have attached a copy of the email I sent. Please read the attached email for a complete accurate account of the entire story that spans more than 3 years.

The other documents I have attached to this response include our original grant deed where you will find at the bottom the following: “Excepting and Reserving to the Grantor herein, together with the right to convey to The City of Beaumont, a Municipal Corporation”, an easement for maintenance purposes over a portion of said above described property. The second to last paragraph of the attached email refers to a final resolution by the current administraion and also in the attached documents you will find a letter from 2017 from our County Recorders office with a copy of the first two pages of the filing of the easement by the original developer who had failed to file it when we bought our home in 2006. I can provide you a copy of the entire recording documents if you need them.

On February 7, 2006 Corman Leigh Communities executed a grant deed to grant to my wife and I the parcel our home sits on. In 2007 The City installed a water meter in the area that had been reserved as an easement for City use. The landscaping for the easement was maintained for approximately 8 years before I was a council member and has continued to be maintained by the City with no change in the status over 12 plus years in total. The City has been maintaining that easement area as was originally intended.

The irony of Roger Berg criticizing the City for maintaining the reserved easement area, and now filing a complaint against me for the maintenance of the easement, is that the original decision to maintain the property in the reserved easement area was made while Roger Berg was a council member and Joe  Aklufi was the city attorney.

So why was this all being raised by Mr. Berg in the summer of 2017, more than 2 years after it appeared to have been fixed? 

As most people in our community know, I ran for office in 2014 because the community I loved was being mismanaged and its true financial picture was being misrepresented to the citizens. Since then we have uncovered and corrected decades of mismanagement. Over the last three and a half years I, along with others, have been instrumental in uncovering, disclosing, and correcting past corrupt practices and removing bad actors from the City who had held positions of power for years.

At the time I wrote to your office for advice on this easement issue, the city had recently initiated civil actions against Urban Logic, its former owners and against former City attorneys Aklufi and Wysocki. The former principals of Urban Logic, Joe Aklufi, and others were also facing felony criminal charges to which they eventually plead guilty to felonies and have paid more than $12 million in restitution.

It had been reported that Roger Berg, along with another former council member, were scheduled to testify as character witnesses on behalf of the defendants in the upcoming criminal trial which was avoided when the defendants plead guilty to felonies. Berg was working with others to manufacture issues against me in a desperate attempt to draw attention away from their longtime friends who were facing criminal charges and significant civil liability.

In their overzealous attempt to draw attention away from their longtime and now convicted felony friends,   Mr. Berg posted an aerial photo of my family home in a social media post about the easement and an accomplice went so far as to drive to my home and take photos depicting the location of my family's home and posted such a photo online. My wife and children were frightened when they learned that these men posted photos depicting our home's location online and that  one of them drove  to our home and took photos to post online while attempting to incite his small group of supporters against me. The individuals facing criminal charges at the time for their conduct while in control of the City had found mouthpieces in the form of Roger Berg and another who were aggressively attempting to draw attention away from their longtime friends by attacking me and others who were working to hold their longtime friends accountable.

I hope you will bring these latest complaints to resolution by finding there is no evidence of any wrong doing by me and therefore a waste of your resources to further investigate as, by Mr. Berg's own account ot you in his complaint, it is clear the County District Attorney must have . I am sure there will be more claims by Mr. Berg and I will contiue to defend my reputation and my actions.

I decided to serve my community as a council member because I was disturbed by the damage being done to this city while under the direction and control of Roger Berg, City Manager Alan Kapanicas and others. Despite the efforts by Mr. Berg, I won't be bullied into backing down from repairing the City and holding accountable those responsible for damaging it. Most people learn early in life that you can't back down from bullies and I will not back down from these guys. I will remain focused on finishing what I started, rebuilding our city.  

Email to The FPPC August 8, 2017

Grant Deed and notification of recorded easement