The Potrero Gap -

Elizabeth "Libi" Uremovic from Rancho Cordova published a new post on the Banning-Beaumont Patch in which she tries to spin more fake news to make Beaumont's Council and Staff look corrupt and to promote her skills as a Government Watchdog for Hire.

Don't bother reading the post. In her usual ranting and rambling style she spins the reader in so many directions that by the time you have reached the end, all you remember are her bullet points in bold. In the middle of her claims of dirty, stupid council members and corrupt staff, one gem stands out.

$8 Million minus $14 Million equals a $6 Million Deficit.

I know where she got the $8m and the $14m but where she came up with the $6 million deficit is either a boldface lie she is knowingly telling, or her analysis is bordering on incompetent. 

Here are the details she accurately reported:

At the January 2nd Meeting Beaumont City Councilman Lloyd White asked Public Works Director Amer Jakher if the Developers had 'come up with the gap'.

Jakher proceeded to claim that 'the gap' was what the Developers were paying, not the difference between the cost of the Project and what the Developers are paying.

Libi Uremovic's analysis:

No. Incorrect. The 'gap' is the difference between the cost of the Project and what the Developers were willing to pay, which is $6 Million just to cover the one Construction Contract. 

Here are the facts:

  • The facts show the funding needed to complete Phase 1 and 1a is $21.6 million. Libi claims the cost of the project is 14 million.  I wish!
  •  The grant funds available are $13.4 million.
  • This leaves an $8.1 million gap to complete the infrastructure to support the property owners' projects that will benefit from Potrero.

The Council decided tax payers had already been overcharged enough by the previous councils and convicted felons. If the property owners didn't commit to fund the gap, the project would be scrapped, even if it meant the State and Federal Grant Funds were to be  rededicated elsewhere. As Ms. Libi Uremovic correctly reported, the property owners have deposited $8.1 million in a dedicated bank account for the Potrero project. There now is no gap. Libi claims that the gap is $6 million. 


Is this incompetence? I don't think so. It is more plausible that Libi Uremovic is knowingly lying to the public because she doesn't believe anyone will check her facts. Every new post she makes, reveals to her potential clients what they can expect if they hire her. If you visit her business web site, you will see how much she is taking credit for bringing Beaumont down. I'm not sure I understand why she believes it is so important to keep Beaumont from recovering. Who would want to bring her into their town?

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
-Credited to Abraham Lincoln or Mark Twain