Senate approves Race to the Top Bill - SB 5x 1

The state senate passed SB 5x 1 late Tuesday Night. The bill now goes to the Assembly Education Committee.

You can track the progress of the bill here: Documents associated with SBX5 1 in the Session

Sacramento Bee Article - Senate approves education bill, paves way for stimulus money


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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009 - 10:46 am
Last Modified: Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009 - 2:59 pm

The California State Senate voted Tuesday to pass Senate Bill X5 1, which would make the state more competitive for federal Race to the Top stimulus funds.

BUSD plans to reward poor web development and maintenance

At the August 11th board meeting, the BUSD board of trustees will be considering renewing the contract for the development and maintenance of the district’s website. The agenda item says the current developer has redeveloped and redesigned the District’s website. I take issue with this. The website looks the same way it did two years ago. It is hopelessly out of date. The website is not user friendly and is difficult to navigate.

Agendas have been available online before a meeting only once in the last two years. I’ve been told by district office employees the reason the website’s content hasn’t been kept up to date is due to the fact that the person maintaining the website hasn’t always been available. The website’s designer should provide the district an adequate content management system (CMS) to enable someone in the district office with minimal technical skills the ability to update the content.

Compare Beaumont’s site to that of the district sites for Banning, Redlands or Yucaipa-Calimesa and you will see it how bad it really it is. The award winning Beaumont High School website is far superior in functionality and design to the district’s site. I recommend the high school students take over the development, design and management of the district’s site’s and save $3,000.

You are misusing the best tool you have for communicating with parents and the community.

Please reconsider renewing the contract and find a new web developer.

Other districts are doing more than what is legally required

After getting home from the June 23rd board meeting, I checked the Press Enterprise online to see if the Beaumont USD's press release they put out the day before announcing the vote on the budget scheduled for the board meeting made the paper. It didn't but look what I found...

  • Jurupa USD Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents will take 10 furlough days and principals, district administrators and office personnel take 3 furlough days to help balance their budgets Click for article

  • Murrieta USD provides two day notice that they will be having a board meeting on Thursday Click for article

But at least the BUSD is following all the minimum legal requirements...well...except when it comes to their parent involvement policies.

Still no interest in involving parents.

At the June 9th Beaumont Unified School District board meeting, the board of trustees:

  • Received a budget update revealing $4.3 million in additional cuts for Beaumont Unified School District

  • Considered the following options to make up the shortages:

    1. Eliminate elementary school busing

    2. Closing a school

    3. Reducing the length of the school year

    4. Increasing class sizes again

    5. Additional "Work Force Reductions"

  • Discussed the latest option for kindergarten class sizes which two trustees said "completely confused them"

All of these important issues will be decided upon and implemented in the next two weeks. They will also be determining which before and after school programs will be available next year.

The board will be acting on all these issues with no input from parents, that's just the way they want it.