Beaumont's Future is Bright

Beaumont’s future is the brightest it has been in years.  With the illegal activity and red ink behind us, we now have an honest, stable government which is attracting more new businesses, and generating more local jobs.  

Check out what’s happening in Beaumont.

Beaumont Economic Development Video

In 2014 the voters of Beaumont, honored me with your trust. 

Your new team of representatives immediately began to uncover the City's true financial condition.  This resulted in search warrants, arrests, convictions, and, finally, cash repayments to our citizens. 

Since then...

* We successfully battled a $43 million judgement related to the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG), which had threatened to bankrupt Beaumont

* We eliminated deficit spending.

* We replaced all upper-level Beaumont employees, improving the quality and efficiency of civic operations. 

* We lowered Mello-Roos (CFD) payments by over $4 million, ending unnecessary expenses for 88% of homeowners in M-R developments. 

* After our WRCOG success, the City began receiving sales tax dollars for road repairs, and we established Beaumont’s first-ever street maintenance team.  We have launched an aggressive five-year plan to repair all the city's major thoroughfares. 

We have assembled an outstanding team, both on the City Council and among the staff members who serve Beaumont residents.  

However, there is still much work left to repair the damage done over past decades.  I am asking you, my neighbors, to grant me the privilege of continuing to serve our community, and finish what the voters started four years ago.

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