A Little Unfinished Business

I have made a campaign promise not to be distracted by attacks and accusations from those who want to prevent public discussion about the real issues we need to address during an election. An election which I believe represents a critical juncture in our future as a city.

My primary goals as a Beaumont Council Member will be: 

  • A diverse and strong economic development strategy in sync with the needs of the community.
  • A government that accepts responsibility for its decisions and conducts its business in a way that demands respect.
  • A better quality of life through improved access to post-secondary education, quality health services and increased public recreation options. 

After this, my final response to comments directed towards me on the Patch, I will focus only on the issues I believe are important to address in order for me to reach my goals. I will always welcome a respectful, honest discussion with anyone who is interested. Invite me to your home, promise to include your friends and neighbors and I will bring the coffee and dessert.

Mr. Ewing, I wont deny anything you have written about what I told you, but I don't agree with your analysis of my intentions and motives. What is really disappointing is what you chose to focus your analysis on, after I spent nearly two hours of my time engaging you in a discussion on many of the important issues and telling you of my goals. In regards to who contributes to my campaign, it is every citizens right to contribute to the candidate of their choosing. The concern with campaign contributions, as I see it, is the purchasing of influence. That will not happen where I am concerned.

Mr. Castaldo, About that gate code, don't got it. Regarding your spending time to create aliases on the Patch with the intent to suggest sensational accusations in order to discredit a citizen you were elected to serve, not really an appropriate use of time for a sitting council member. And then, you refer to it as a game...really?