I Am Officially a Candidate for Beaumont City Council

I pulled my papers yesterday and took the oath to defend the Constitutions of The United States and The State of California. I now need to collect my signatures and file my papers. Now the fun really begins.

Here are my three primary goals: 

  • A diverse and strong economic development strategy in sync with the needs of the community.
  • A government that accepts responsibility for its decisions and conducts its business in a way that demands respect.
  • A better quality of life through improved access to post-secondary education, quality health services and increased public recreation options. 

I will be running a true grass roots campaign. My success depends on how well I can build an organization and get my message to the people. I will welcome support from anyone who believes I am good for Beaumont but I will not be beholding to anyone. I will be knocking on thousands of doors and sponsoring meet the candidate receptions in anybody’s home who welcomes me and wants to discuss issues and solutions.

I promise to stick to the issues and avoid getting distracted by those who aren’t willing to hold a respectful and productive dialog. I will always behave in a manner that will make my supporters proud so they will never regret supporting me. Most of all, I will teach my children, by example, how to be respectful and earn respect through words and actions.

I am up against a four term incumbent and a five term incumbent, both of them heavily financed by developers and contractors interested in keeping them in office. The third incumbent is a wealthy businessman who can match any contributions I raise by writing a personal check. Beaumont has no term limits and no campaign finance contribution limits. The City Manager, City Attorney and senior staff have been working with the many of the same council members for 15-20 years, they are motivated to keep the status quo.  

In the elections of the past 20 years, the local PAC has won more than 80% of all the elections (council, school board and water agencies) in Beaumont by outspending their opponents by at least 4 to 1, often much more. I’ve been told by my opponents and even some supporters, I have a “snowball in hell chance of getting elected.” 

Why would anyone put themselves and their family through the political attacks that have already started this early in the campaign? Because I am concerned about the financial health of our city. Beaumont in the red and last month we were hit with a $43 million judgment from a lawsuit brought against us by all the 15 other cities is western Riverside County. There are a dozen more active lawsuits against Beaumont and multiple open investigations and reviews by the grand jury, County DA, and other state and federal agencies. I can't just stand by and watch the bankrupting our city without trying to do something about it. I am running because I think it is the right thing to do. 

This is important to me and whatever you can do to help, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. 

Through all this, I plan on having a lot of fun. I am planning a couple special events for my supporters. If you like good food, live music and to dance, you won’t want to miss out. If you are ready for a wild ride and a few unforgettable months, get started now.

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