Treat the Politicians Like Children

Penny Newman, the director of The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ), recently spoke to Cherry Valley residents about warehouses. I recorded a portion of her talk that covered warehouse jobs and working conditions; diesel exhaust and cancer; and how our elected officials sometimes fail to protect our communities. I made the recording with my phone and the quality is poor but it is well worth listening to.

If you are on the fence about the Gateway Warehouse Center or you still want to see if Marion Ashley's Committee can make a 2.5 million square foot warehouse center sound like a good idea for the foothills of Cherry Valley, please take 16 minutes to listen to someone who lives with the warehouses in Mira Loma. If you are one of our local elected officials who won't take a position on the Shopoff project as it was presented, you have an obligation to hear what the future of the Pass might become. Please help us send a loud message to our County Supervisors and land speculators, such as The Shopoff Group, that we don't want The Pass to become another Mira Loma.

Click here to listen about what the Gateway Center might mean to the future of The Pass.