Marion Ashley Responds

Here is Supervisor Marion Ashley's response on his official Facebook page:

I appointed the Citizens Review Committee for the Gateway Center Project to allow my constituents to participate in the process and have their voices heard. I want to thank everyone who served on the Committee for their time. I will most certainly take the views of committee members into account when we review this project. As required by State law, the next step in the process will be to review the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This document examining the project’s impacts, benefits, and potential alternatives – including residential development as suggested by some committee members – is expected to be released later this fall.

We all knew Ashley wasn't interested in what his committee or his constituents had to say. This doesn't change anything, we can still stop this. 

As I said from the beginning, we need to make this very expensive for The Shopoff Group. We need to continue with the plan and get the rest of The Pass's elected boards adopting resolutions. It is time to stop accepting no for an answer from the Calimesa City Council and the Beaumont Unified School Board. Ashley may, or may not, have his reelection wrapped up, but I for one will be voting for Mark Orozco based on this one issue. Don't forget there are other politicians up for re-election in our community. Jim Hyatt and Jeff Hewett on the Calimesa City Council; and, Susie Lara, Margaret De Longchamp and Janelle Poulter on BUSD board. We need to make these public servants work harder for their public than before if they want to be re-elected.

Beaumont Unified has their next board meeting on Tuesday. They have decided not to take a stand because they thought it was too early and they were waiting to watch the committee. We need to show up to convince them there is no reason to wait any longer.

Next Wednesday, Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District will be discussing this on their agenda. If we want them to seriously consider a resolution, 
we need to have a large turnout their as well. 

Calimesa City Council meets the following week, we need to be back there again.

After that we target Yucaipa's water district and any board members they have up for re-election.

Even after we get every elected body on board, and even if the supervisors ignore the wishes of their communities and ignore their contract with us, the General Plan, which they are likely to do, we need to make it clear to The Shopoff Group, and all prospective buyers, that this project isn't welcomed here. Once it is clear that no matter how many low paying jobs, baseball fields and riding trails they promise, they won't be welcome here, Shopoff will have to take notice. Remember Shopoff's own website states that they put their investors above all else. Investors aren't going to invest when a multi-million dollar investment has the potential to become worth so little.

We can stop this but no one said it was going to be easy. There are two things we can do that will insure we lose this fight. If we assume that the decision by the committee means anything or we feel we need the supervisors support to stop this, we might as well throw in the towel. I'm not going to do that. We need to stay the course and keep on doing what we have been doing.

No Way Gateway!