Gateway Meetings - 3 Important & 1 Irrelevant

This week there are three meetings important to our efforts to stop Marion Ashley and the Shopoff Group form developing the Gateway Warehouse in Cherry Valley. There is one meeting irrelevant to stopping Gateway because it's goal is to find a way to build Gateway.

Calimesa City Council Meeting - Tuesday April 7, 2014 - 6:00 PM

Norton Younglove Multipurpose Senior Center 908 Park Avenue

Tonight, Calimesa City Council will discuss adopting a resolution opposing Gateway. Beaumont was well represented at the last two meetings but Calimesa's Council wants to hear from Calimesa citizens. If you live in Calimesa, and have to only attend one meeting this week, this is the one. Please reach out to friends or family living in Calimesa and make sure they attend.

Beaumont Unified School Board Meeting - Tuesday April 8, 2014 - 6:00 PM

Boardroom 350 Brookside Avenue

On Tuesday night, Beaumont Unified School Board will meet. We've attended a couple BUSD meetings asking them to take a stand against Gateway. There still is no agenda item adopting a resolution or even discussing the project. It's time to stop asking and start demanding they go on record for or against Gateway. Three of the five members are up for re-election, they need to know this will be an issue in November. This is an important meeting to attend.

Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District - Wednesday April 9, 2014 - 7:00 PM

Boardroom 560 Magnolia Avenue

On Wednesday, Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District Board of Commissioners will discuss a Gateway resolution. This is also an important meeting to attend.

Finally, and least importantly...We'll Find A Way Gateway Committee

You're going to have to work to find the time and address on this one, no help from me.

Thursday night is the inaugural meeting of the We'll Find A Way Gateway committee. This is our first chance to show Marion Ashley what we think about his political strategy to run out the clock to help develop a project that will change the quality of life in The Pass forever. I recommend we show Ashley and Shopoff this isn't going to deter us. If you have the time to attend all four meetings this week and have nothing better to do, let me give you an alternative. 

I will attend the meeting and stream it live over a Google hangout. You will be able to watch it live or, after I post it on YouTube watch it anytime you want. You can watch it as many times as you want. Hold a No Way Gateway party. Send a link to Marion Ashley and William Shopoff to show, what I hope will be an empty room.

Check back here before Thursday night at 6 pm. I will create an event and post a link.