What is the truth about the Gateway Warehouse Project?

Is this a County issue?

A Calimesa City Council member claims the property is in the County and it is a County issue. The developer, The Shopoff Group, claims on their website 16 acres are in the City of Calimesa. The property is listed on the Shopoff Group's website as a "Property for Sale"


Is Industrial zoning what the developer is ultimately seeking?

The Shopoff Group claims the property is being developed for Commercial. I thought warehouses are industrial. I thought the zoning change was from residential to industrial. Is there something we are missing?


The cynic in me wonders if the plan all along has been commercial and the zoning change to industrial is a plan to make commercial a more palatable fall back plan.

Oh, and one final thought...

The Shopoff Group is a member of the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce under the name of TSG Cherry Valley LP. 


Where does our Chamber of Commerce stand on this issue? Will they take a stand against one of their members?