Shopoff Didn't Promise any Jobs

The following is quoted directly from Craig Schultz's article Cherry Valley: Warehouse project stirs debate published by the Press Enterprise on on March 14.

Shopoff acknowledged that every warehouse project in the region will be compared to the 1.8-million-square-foot Skechers warehouse in Moreno Valley. Foes of that project say it didn't create the numbers and types of jobs that were promised. "We're not the developer of the Sketchers building. We didn't make any promises,"Shopoff said.

Shopoff acknowledges that the numbers and types of jobs promised by the developer of the Sketcher building weren't created. I've read that both Ashley and Shopoff believe the benefit to the community from The Gateway warehouse project is the jobs it will create but now Shopoff isn't making any promises of jobs for what his firm labeled "The Gateway Jobs Center". If they can't even promise the jobs then what can they promise and if jobs are not the benefit to our community than what is? 

Arguing the quality and number of jobs this project will bring may play well with most of the general public but as I have argued before, too many people need jobs and they aren't concerned with how damaging the effect is on our environment and the risk to the health and safety of our community isn't as important as putting food on the table for one's family. In my opinion, by Shopoff admitting he can't make any promises about jobs, he has made this issue moot anyways.

The water issues are another important debate we need to have that might raise concerns, especially considering the drought conditions our state is experiencing. But, I've heard from some pretty knowledgeable water experts that many of the points being argued can be easily discounted or mitigated away. The water issues are more complex than many of us can fully appreciate and understand, at least they are for me, and I will leave this area of debate to others.

There are so many reasons this project is bad for our community, we don't have to focus just on jobs and water. People I've never met before, follow my posts and share with me issues they worry aren't getting enough attention.

Here are two such issues recently brought to my attention. I would like to hear the Shopoff experts weigh in on these issues and hear the Calimesa City council discuss them.


  • The overpass at Cherry Valley BLVD is inadequate to handle projected volume of trucks.  It would have to be upgraded prior to the project starting.Cherry Valley BLVD would have to expanded with 10" concrete from the freeway to the site. 
  • The City of Calimesa does not now meet the standard for Fire Service, 2 person staffing and NO Paramedic service, how are they going to be able to afford to help pay for the overpass improvements much less staff a needed Fire Dept? Truck Company (4 person staffed) to accommodate the new construction.

 Please keep these issues coming. We need help from everyone.