The City Council Has Agreed to Consider Stetson's Request

Tonight's council meeting renewed some of my faith in our elected officials. 

The meeting started out with a presentation of the preliminary plans to expand and update the library. I recommend you look for the presentation on the City's website if they post it there. I was impressed. 

Next the Cherry Valley Festival organizers presented the city with one of those large symbolic checks for $20,000 to provide some security cameras and minor repairs to Stewart Park.

Later the Council agreed, by consensus to respond, in writing, to Stetson property owners' list of issues regarding our Mello-Roos feesClick here to read my detailed update to my neighbors in Stetson.

Near the end of the meeting, a number of citizens presented some well thought out arguments to the council against a highly controversial code enforcement overhaul they were voting to adopt. After some heated discussion, and procedural maneuvering, the Council voted 3-2 to turn down the adoption. Council Members Castaldo, DeForge and Fox voted to deny the adoption.

From the beginning to the end it was an overall positive meeting. Our Council voted in favor of citizens' speaking out regarding two important issues. It was a good meeting.