Community Opposition to The Gateway Center

Last night’s CVAN (Cherry Valley Acres and Neighbor) meeting was outstanding.

After I worked out some of the bugs the live stream came online and we had a number of live viewers. I learned a lot about providing the right link to the live event. Everything should run much smoother next time.

I've taken the nearly two hour long live stream of the meeting and edited it down to less than an hour. I have tried to keep all the parts of the meeting that directly addressed the Gateway Center warehouse project. I wanted to focus on the reason most of the 80 plus community members were there. I've also learned that the length of a video on YouTube has a significant effect on the number of people willing to spend the time to view it. I was able to keep the entirety of most of the featured speakers comments.

Here's the link:

There were a number of interesting speakers including organizers of the No Way Gateway committee from Solera; Councilman David Castaldo; and Beaumont Cherry Valley Water Commissioner Dr. Blair Ball.

It was a large turnout, at least twice as many as I’ve seen in the few CVAN meetings I have attended. It was great to see so many in our community as passionate and excited about a single issue, especially one as important to the health and welfare of our community.

There will be many more events where we will need to get the people out starting with next week’s Calimesa and Beaumont City council meetings. I will provide meeting details and email addresses for all the council members. I will also try to provide a live stream for as many of the events as I am able.

I am convinced we will be successful.

No Way Gateway!