Castaldo and DeForge Tell Developers Present Your Plans in Beaumont

Last night;s Beaumont City Council Meeting was another good meeting.

The Stetson letter is ready to go out. The Council is showing signs of supporting the No Way Gateway community effort. And, the City will be requesting $21.5 million from the County tax payers. This means the asset on the books will be validated or the annual budget deficit will need to be addressed. Either option is good for Beaumont.

I found a new app for my phone that enables me to capture audio clips of the Council meeting. The sound quality may need to be improved and I need to learn more about editing but following are three clips that will provide a flavor of last nght's Beaumont Council Meeting.

Castaldo supports the No Way Gateway community movement

Citizen Jack Carroll speaks against the Gateway project

Castaldo and Council Ask Developers to bring their plan to Beaumont Town Hall