My 6 Point Plan For a New Chapter in Beaumont

My critics claim I only complain. I’ve summarized the many solutions I’ve offered into a 6 point plan for a better Beaumont.

Here is my 6 point plan for a new chapter in Beaumont 


  • Reform Community Facilities Districts:  Developers should pay for infrastructure their projects require. Reserve CFD fees for fire and police.
  • Avoid Crippling Lawsuit:  Make peace with neighboring cities and upgrade critical I-10 interchanges.
  • Build More Responsive Government:  Bring fresh ideas with sensible rules for term limits, campaign finance, and campaign signs.
  • Add a Citizen Advisory Committee:  Let's get local ideas to improve quality of life and attract new businesses.
  • Find a Solution for Clean Water:  Seek a regional wastewater option.  Beaumont needs to stop pouring money down the drain.
  • Manage Our City's Growth:  Introduce a sensible plan for Council approval -- or a citizens’ ballot initiative.

America was founded to give average citizens control of their towns.  Make Lloyd your voice on our City Council.