Beaumont Hangout Ep.4 - Agenda Review

We posted the latest in our series of Hangouts about the happenings in and around the Beaumont City Hall.

Tonight's video deals with reviewing the agenda for Tuesday night's City Council Meeting. We added a new participant and had some great input but the hangout lasted longer then we'd like, about 40 minutes. I went back an reviewed it but couldn't find anywhere I should cut. YouTube's video editing capabilities are limited and I am unable to cut segments out of the middle, only at the beginning or end.

In the next day or two, when I have more time, I may try to split it into two parts but for now you can find it by clicking on this link

I hope to add more participants soon and I realize it will be harder and harder to stick with a 20-25 minute format but I will work on it.

Thank you everyone for your feedback, it has all been constructive. Email me at if you want to join us.