Two New Beaumont Hangout Episodes Are In The Can

Tonight John and I recorded two new episodes of Beaumont Hangout. We decided to try and keep our shows to around 20 minutes and we had enough content for two episodes.

Beaumont Hangout Ep. 2 - Quit killing jobs for more pristine air  where we talk about Assemblyman Nestande losing 500 Beaumont petitions and Dr. Husing, the area's Chief Economic Advisor, wants low paying jobs and less "pristine air" in Beaumont.


Beaumont Hangout Ep. 3 - Sweetheart Deal for Hidden Canyon Developers where the Hidden Canyon Warehouse General Plan Amendment is discussed.

The next live streaming is scheduled for Sunday night when we will review the City Council's agenda for the Tuesday meeting and take a more detailed look at the Hidden Canyon General Plan amendment.