Watch Our Beaumont Hangouts on Local Issues

Tomorrow night at 6pm, I was planning on streaming live our first Beaumont Local Issues Hangout on YouTube. Tonight was supposed to be a dress rehearsal to iron out the bugs and work through any technology issues. We got off to a rocky start with connection issues and started streaming 30 minutes late. We were planning on talking strategy and agenda for tomorrow's hangout but we ended up discussing many of the issues. When my co-host, John, and I start talking about what's happening in Beaumont politics, it's hard to get us to stop. After viewing this test run, I was pleased, I think it turned out pretty good. We are still finding our way but I think it was good enough to share publicly.

Here's the link:

Please share it with your neighbors on Facebook or via email, I am interested to hear your feedback as long as it is constructive. 

Tomorrow night beginning at 6 pm, John and I will be talking about how warehouses, in general, will affect traffic and pollution in Beaumont and we hope to discuss in detail the Hidden Canyon amendment coming before the City Council next Tuesday. We also want to talk about the City’s General Plan and what we, as citizens, can do to convince the council to update their plan and consider the idea of a temporary moratorium on warehouses.

Our goal is to keep each of these hangouts to 30 minutes or less and we probably won't get to everything tomorrow. That's ok because we want to hold another one after next week's agenda is posted and before the City Council meeting next Tuesday. We may hold off on discussing the Hidden Canyon amendment until the weekend. In future Hangouts we hope to cover issues such as Mello-Roos (CFDs) - John's favorite topic -, Internal Control Audits, open air retail mall, and how we want to see Beaumont grow.  

We discuss the issues in a live stream that will enable you to participate at a level with which you are comfortable. There are three levels of participation available to you.

  • We'd love to add more co-hosts, or occasional guests, to discuss the issues, send me an email at if you are interested.
  • You may just want to view the live stream and ask a question or two.
  • You may want to view the recorded Hangout later at a more convenient time.

The videos will be posted on my YouTube channel, OurFocusOurKids. The title for now will start with "Beaumont Hangout on...", tonight's was called "Beaumont Hangout on Warehouses". You can search YouTube by the channel or the title. After we are done recording, I will always provide a link to the video on my website, and on The Patch. Once you find one of our videos, you can subscribe to the channel which will make it easier to find in the future.

Our goal is to help Beaumontians, with busy lives, to participate in determining the future of our community. I know the City Council will be watching, this will give us access to our elected officials without a 3 minute time limit on our First Amendment right to free speech. if they really care what we think, they will make the effort to find out. If we don't take steps to be heard on the issues, they will continue heading down the wrong path.  

I hope to see you tomorrow.