Beaumont has Dark Sky Ordinance--yes, it's a big deal

I've received a number of emails and phone calls from people showing their support who, for one reason or another, aren't interested in putting their name on the Patch. As I receive contributions I feel are important to share with others, I will ask for permission and then share them on my blog. Following is one such contribution:

By Anonymous... 

In 2005, the City made headlines by joining a national movement to protect the night sky from light pollution.  Beaumont adopted a DARK SKY ORDINANCE. This was one of the items we liked about Beaumont when we moved here.   We were glad Beaumont was leading the region on the issue.  

 Important fact--communities that have dark skies with stargazing views ENJOY HIGHER PROPERTY VALUES. 

 We thought Beaumont was serious about quality of life and natural resources.   They were also promoting themselves as a green city and the dark sky ordinance is a component of that, as well as we consume less energy through these types of actions. 

Read these:


Beaumont  ordinance:  muni code 8.5.

With the 24/7 warehousing operations and big rigs all day and night, in what is now vacant land, how will they deal with the degradation of the sky with light pollution?

Commercial/industrial has different standards than residential.  So with their General Plan amendments they are making drastic changes.  According to our Dark Sky ordinance, Residential maximum fully shielded lumens are 2,250, but in commercial/industrial areas the maximum fully shielded lumens are 60,000!!

 There are many other differences such as 'partially shielded lumens' are not even allowed in residential but ARE ALLOWED in Commercial/industrial! 

The master planned residential developments they no longer want would have little impact on the night sky. But commercial and industrial will have huge impacts because they use much stronger and taller lights 24/7. 

Our homes are regulated by the City's Dark Sky laws, we have strict rules on outdoor lighting both in front and backyard, and our streets have very few lamp posts.  They are at cross streets and just enough for safety.   The warehouses and trucks will not be held to the same standard. 

Lloyd if these clowns don't revisit their blunders, it will really be time to sell and get out.   That is what tears a master plan down.  When the leaders turn on the vision, the people stop believing in the vision too and do not want to pay for it anymore. Basically once the CFD just starts paying for crap to come in, the smart people leave.  They never get the exclusive, higher end neighborhoods they initially wanted. You paid in the $450k range, who will do this again if the place goes to pot?  Something as simple as the dark sky is all part of the experience. Harder is making sure the local roads/freeways are not congested and preventing smog & pollution. 

Hope this isn’t too much food for thought.