Bait and Switch to Big-Rigs and Warehouses

Drastic change without master planning will be a disaster for us. Drastic changes in land use on vacant lands has big impact on infrastructure and city services.  In Beaumont it seems the priority is becoming some sort of race to develop the vacant lands and the Council doesn't  look critically at how the existing residents and their developments are doing.
They invited 30k people in a very short time --only a few years--into a planned community concept that looked really great.  We now need the services, restaurants, jobs, schools, and infrastructure to work before just willy nilly changing the whole concept.  There is nothing wrong with continuing residential. There are lots of places in city to develop commercial/industrial.
Quality of life was what we came here to enjoy and PAY for through the CFD's. Not to pay for low-wage, humongous warehousing with air, water, noise, and light pollution.
Check out web page from city website that cites bicycling, pedestrian and residential linkage to Potrero bridge and interchange. "Pedestrians will be able to stroll across the new bridge, and bicyclists will be able to pedal high above the traffic below." After reading this, one would think Beaumont was actually connecting neighborhoods. Now it is 'bait and switch' to big-rigs and warehouses.