Mesa View Middle School Grows by 47 Points

Last year when I was considering moving my daughter to Mesa View Middle School in Calimesa, I heard from more than one BUSD administrator how Mesa View's API scores had dropped. That was before they had the sixth grade STEM program. The scores are in and Mesa View Middle School's test results grew by 47 points. Click here to read how Mesa View was the highest growing school in San Bernardino county.

Tonight at the Beaumont Unified School Board meeting, I watched the  2012-2013 API report presentation and I couldn't help but wonder how many Beaumont students are attending Mesa View Middle School or one of the Yucaipa charter schools.When Board member Mrs. Poulter questioned the poor Beaumont High school math scores, the district's accountability administrator pointed out that students who are interested in science and technology do better in math. However there weren't any suggestions from any of the board members or administrators about improving the science and technology programs in the Beaumont middle schools. The district's administrator did recommend more focus on the district's teaching coaches.

Next time you run into one of the Beaumont Unified School Board Members, ask them how many Beaumont students are attending Mesa View. Then ask them how many of those kids received high test scores when they were in Beaumont's elementary schools. And finally, ask them what they personally have done to bring more Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs to Beaumont middle schools. Three of them are up for re-election next year.