Beaumont Unified Board Member Phones It In...Again

Mr. Wayne Hackney was in Montana for another Beaumont Unified School Board Meeting. This isn't the first one he's missed. The last three meetings I've listened to he was participating from his home in Montana. He was connected via the district's new technology but the board isn't following its own bylaws regarding teleconference meetings.

A recent update (May 28, 2013) to the board's bylaws states the following:

All votes taken during a teleconference meeting shall be by roll call. (Government Code 54953).

This isn't happening.

I am sure this latest update was to accomodate Mr. Hackney spending more of his time in his residence in Montana. I am also sure the board is following the minimum requirements of the law and their own bylaws to make sure Mr. Hackney maintains his eligibilty on the board.

Following the letter of the law but not the intent is something we saw all too often under Dr. Kayrell's tenure. I hope were not headed back there.