BUSD and Beaumont City Council Put Our Kids First!

Several years ago I began asking our school board to address the traffic conditions around Brookside Elementary. I asked them to use the Measure Z money voters had authorized specifically to improve the safety around our schools' pick-up and drop-off areas. 

Two years ago when the school district and city approved a joint project to work on Brookside Ave to prepare for the new sports complex and district office, I pointed out to both the city council and the school board that their plans did nothing to make Brookside Ave and Brookside Elementary any safer. I asked them to please address the traffic conditions before increasing traffic congestion with their new projects.

When the district office was almost complete, I went before the school board and the city council once again and asked them to install a light-up, on demand crosswalk for parents who will be parking in the district office parking lot and walking their kids across Brookside Ave. After spending nearly $40 million on the two projects, School Board Trustee Martha De Longchamp told me the crosswalk I was suggesting was too expensive.

Today I found two new stop signs. Going east, their is one placed about 1 or 2 car lengths just east of the elementary school's primary exit. And the sign on the west bound side is just before the district office's western exit. There is no striping and there is no crosswalk. Now if there are more than 2 cars waiting at the new eastbound sign, the exit from Brookside Elementary (the only exit permitted for use during pick-up and drop-off times will be completely blocked. 

I've attached a picture to this post but you can't really get the feel for how senseless the location of the new stop sign is. Please go and see for yourself.

I can't understand what these people are thinking. When are they going to start putting the safety of our children above all else? When Mrs. De Longchamp ran for school board in 2010 she wrote the following in response to my question:

What would you do to fix the drop off areas at Brookside?

I know firsthand about this, my daughter was a student at Brookside and I too had to park in the dirt field. This and the access around the high school must be fixed immediately and ultimately it's the Districts responsibility to set up and ensure that our kids are safe at school sites.

If elected, I'll work to use Measure Z funds to correct this problem immediately. If need be, I'll delay the construction of the new district office and use those funds to fix the roads around our schools. Our children's safety is more important than a fancy new office.

Mrs. De longchamp, you, your fellow board members, and our city council members, have all let us down. You've let our children down.