Beaumont Unified, A New Cooperation

I have spent more than 5 years working with our school district trying to get them to recognize the contribution involved parents can make in the classroom as well as the boardroom. I knew they already understood how much they needed volunteer parents in the classrooms to fill the holes left by budget shortages. Now, I believe Beaumont Unified’s new Superintendent, Dr. Maureen Latham, understands the importance of having parents involved not only in the classroom, but in planning the direction of our kids’ educational future.

For the entire 5 years I’ve been attending board meetings; serving on committees; and proposing solutions to increase parent involvement; not once did the previous Superintendent, Dr. Kayrell, reach out to me. Not once did he ask to sit down with me and ask how he could work with me to improve parent involvement. I did however meet with Dr. Latham and Dr. Kayrell’s other Assistant Superintendents but it was always in a reaction to some issue or concern I had raised. Now, as Superintendent, Dr. Latham and her administration, are reaching out to parents. Her approach is more proactive than Dr. Kayrell’s reactive strategy. Tonight’s Parent Forum on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curriculum is the result of a new cooperation and a major step by our school district in the right direction; parents need to support this effort.

The Parent Forum starts in the Beaumont High School Theater at 6 pm and will last about 90 minutes. There will be presentations by the Beaumont Middle Schools, Highland Springs Academy Charter School, the Banning Science and Technology Center, and Esri. There will also be opportunity for parents, and other community members to ask questions. The district has sent home flyers to parents of students in grades 5-7 but parents of students of all ages could benefit from the information tonight and should have a say in the direction our schools take towards implementing successful STEAM programs. If you are a Beaumont parent, please make an effort to be there.