When City Manager Alan Kapanicas was asked by a citizen about the questions many of us have been raising about the City's finances; his response was to say there are a lot of rumors. 

There are always going to be rumors when we are talking about politics and politicians. I don't expect our city council or city manager to respond to rumors but I do expect them to be able to distinguish between rumors and concerns. If we present concerns with facts and ask productive questions, I do expect our elected officials and our city employees to respond. 

There are some who would be embarrassed, or may have something to lose, by the level of transparency I believe we deserve. I have always tried to ask productive questions and raise serious concerns but when I am ignored or misled, I have to say something and my blog is my soap box. I understand how they might view my questions as negative criticism but they lose all credibility when they label my concerns as rumors.

In our most recent hangout, I talked with John about my top concerns and my reasons to continue to push for an Internal Control Audit. I can back up each of my concerns with documents and information that I have personally verified. Here's a link to Beaumont Hangouts Ep. 13 - Rumors. I will keep trying to convince the City Council members they have nothing to fear from an independent audit of the finance department's internal controls and that the audit I am asking for is the quickest way to dispel any rumors.

The public hearing the City Council will be holding on Tuesday, raises many more questions and concerns. I won't be the only one asking questions. I hope the Council and City Manager will take this opportunity to address our questions and put to rest rumors before they have a chance to get started.