Why Is The Patch So Important?

"The core purpose of the American press since its origin has been to serve as a watchdog for the public interest, guarding against the abuse of power. But with notable exceptions, that distinctive, essential function is now atrophying like a muscle, shrinking from lack of exercise." - Murrey Marder 2001

Watchdog journalism, as most of us growing up in the 70s remember it, is dead. The Patch has provided us an alternative to a local press stretched too thin and is too beholding to those who want to maintain the status quo in order to be the watchdog we need. The Patch enables us to work together to force our elected officials and power brokers to be held accountable for their actions. When there was talk of the Banning-Beaumont Patch shutting down, I spent a lot of time searching on the Internet for a suitable replacement, it doesn't exist.

Please lsiten to our latest Hangout in which John and I talk about why the Patch is important to us. Beaumontians need to realize what we have and learn how to take advantage of it while we have it.

Here's a link to The Beaumont Hangouts Ep. 9 - The Patch is Our Watchdog (11:31)