Beaumont Hangouts Ep.7 - Libi, the Audit and the RDA

John and I hung-out with Libi for about an hour last night. I was hoping to edit the resulting video down to between 15-20 minutes but I just couldn’t get it shorter than 40, too much good stuff. We asked Libi to help those of us understand what she is seeing in the City’s audit and her audit. She has been posting detailed information about what she is finding in her citizen funded private audit for a number of months. 

There are many who don’t like Libi and question her motives, her credentials and her analysis but no one has questioned the validity of the source data because it is coming directly from the city. If all she offers is wild accusations and faulty analysis, why won’t a single council member direct the City Staff, our employees, to dispute her figures and analysis. 

If I were a council member and the financial solvency of my city was in question, it would be my obligation to do my homework, get a better understanding of Libi’s claims and then ask the City Manager to present me with the facts and a simplified report with details for me to take to the citizens; they are the people who trusted me to represent their interests. Instead the Mayor harasses citizens and demands for someone to present to him Libi’s CPA license number.

Mayor Berg knows Libi isn’t a licensed CPA but he keeps asking her for something he knows doesn't exist to discredit her. I don’t care if Libi has a license or a degree in accounting. I care about how accurate her data and analysis is. I care to know that one of the Council Members is asking the right questions and can respond to citizen inquiries with dignity and a strong grasp of the figures and details to defend the city and their staff. I believe they owe it to their staff as well as their constituents. There are a lot of city employees’ with families that depend on our city being solvent as much as, maybe even more than, our families do. If the city were to go bankrupt, it wouldn’t affect my family’s livelihood. The staff should be eager to have someone start defending their work but no one is. 

Please take a look at the latest Hangout, “Beaumont Hangout Ep. 7 – Libi on the Audit and The RDA”.   

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