Campaign Financing for BUSD Board Members

Once again, for the record, I don't have anything wrong with campaign financing. It is our right to free speech to contribute and support the candidates we believe best support our ideals for good government. However, when our elected officials are making decisions that direct millions of dollars of taxpayer funds to their campaign donors, we have a right to know. And, our elected officials have a duty and an obligation to assure us they are making their decision solely based on what is in the best interest of our community and, in this case, our kids. 

Who has financed our school board member's campaigns? 

Mrs. Poulter has not reported receiving any outside funding for her campaign in 2010 and Mr. Sanchez has not reported receiving outside funding in 2012. I believe the Beaumont Teachers Association is required to report the non-monetary contributions in signs for Mr. Sanchez but I have been unable to locate any confirmation of this reporting.

The board members reported receiving $25,213 in campaign contributions (monetary and non-monetary)

Four board members reported they received $18,673 from Pass Area Families For Good Government. Mrs. De Longchamp reported receiving another $4,800 from the BOGH Engineering funded PAC, San Gorgonio Pass Taxpayers Association. Mr. Hackney ($1,000 in 2012) and Mr. Sanchez ($500 in 2010) reported receiving money from the district's promary architect firm, PJHM. This means $24,973 of $25,213 - 99% of all funds contributed by sources other than the candidates to our sitting school board members came from organizations doing business with the school district.

Who is San Gorgonio Pass Tax Payers Association?

SGPTA has received only two major contributions, $4,900, from Bogh Construction and $1,000 from Bogh Engineering. SGPTA has only supported one candidate, Margaret De Longchamp. SGPTA reported they contributed $5,350 to her campaign in 2010. This is $550 more than she reported receiving.

The numbers don't all add up.

The amounts of contributions reported by Pass Area Families For Good Government do not appear to match what the board members reported. Here are the figures I've collected from the forms filed with the Coutny of Riverside:

In 2010 Mrs. Lara reported $4,104 - PAFFGG reported $4,915 = $809 under-reported

In 2010 Mrs. De Longchamp reported $5,011 - PAFFGG reported $4,205 = $806 over-reported

In 2012 Mr. Hackney reported $5,124 - PAFFGG reported $4,959 = $165 over-reported

In 2010 Mr. Sanchez reported $4,434 - PAFFGG reported $5,326 = $892 under-reported


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