Change in Volunteer Policy Doesn't Appear to Have Board Approval

At the time of my writing the previous post, "Volunteers In Beaumont Schools Now Pay $64" I assumed the change in policy regarding charging volunteers for background checks had been approved when the board approved the administration's recommended cuts. The administration originally proposed charging volunteers and since the new policy was in place, I assumed this was done with board approval.

After reviewing the agenda for the board meeting where the board approved the cuts, I discovered my error - the change in policy was never approved. I apologize to Mrs. Lara and Mr. Hackney for claiming they didn't back up their words with actions.  I wanted to set the record straight here and at next week's board meeting will ask the board to set their record straight.

This raises larger and more important issues. Did the administration get board approval? And, if they didn't, do they have the authority to change policy without board approval?