Why was BUSD's Chief Financial Officer's Contract Terminated

Following is a letter I sent this morning to Beaumont Unified's School Board. I will post any responses I receive.

Mrs. Lara, Mr. Hackney, Mr. Orozco, Mrs. Poulter and Mrs. De Longchamp,

I want to applaud you for your decision to put in place a transitional team to lead the district until a new board is able to select a permanent Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer. I think the selection of Dr. Latham and Mrs. Severns will bring much needed stability to an uncertain transitional period that comes with a new board and a new administration.

It was obvious to me last night that Dr. Kayrell is highly respected by his staff and many in the community and he will be missed. I believe he wasn't interested in involving parents as equal partners in  planning our kids' educational future and his administration lacked an acceptable level of transparency but I believe he always had our kids' best interest in his heart. I just wish he was more interested in what parents believed was in our kids' best interest.

The primary purpose of my writing you today is to address Mr. Elatar's departure. I think the community is entitled to know why his contract was terminated and the terms of his severance package. If the cause of his termination was personal and you are legally prevented from discussing the details, I understand - but I believe you should state this in a press release. If the reason for his dismissal was a result of inappropriate or questionable practices in his roll as the district's Chief Financial Officer, we have a right to know this and you have a duty to inform the public you represent. It would be unfair to Mrs. Severns and Dr. Latham to assume their new roles under a cloud of suspicion.

If I need to make a formal request or if there is a policy or procedure you expect me to follow, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.


Lloyd White