Beaumont Teachers Association Endorse Edward Brown and David Sanchez

The Beaumont Teachers Association has decided to endorse Edward Brown and David Sanchez for the two School Board openings. I want to thank the BTA for providing me the opportunity to express my opinions and present my positions on how Beaumont‘s school board should move forward in the best interest of our kids.

 I’m not surprised by BTA’s decision. Mr. Brown’s wife is a Beaumont Unified Teacher and former BTA President. Mr. Sanchez is a teacher in Banning and a representative of Banning’s teachers union. From what I’ve read, he was instrumental in bringing about changes in Banning’s school board and administration. It is understandable that BTA would believe their candidates should be the ones who are best able to represent their membership.

I have always supported our teachers.  Whether I am elected or not, I will continue to support our teachers. I expressed this to the BTA’s representative council but I also made it clear my primary agenda is our kids and our families.  I believe what is in the best interest of our kids is usually in the best interest of our teachers’union but not always. It is the responsibility of BTA’s representative council to select the candidates who will best represent their interests and I believe they have endorsed two candidates who will.

Regardless of my position in the future, I will support our teachers, they are the reason our schools have outstanding test scores. But, I will always put Beaumont’s kids and their families first.