Changes at the Top of Beaumont Unified

The agenda for next Tuesday's Beaumont Unified School Board meeting indicates the Board will approve two contacts. They will be hiring Dr. Maureen Latham, former Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Beaumont, for a nine month term to serve as the acting superintendent. They will also be approving a contract to make Carol Severns the new interim Assistant Superintendent of Business Services.

I applaud the board on their decisions.

Dr. Latham has proven to be a capable district administrator. I credit her, more than any other administrator, for the district's high test scores. Carol Severns has been an integral piece of the Business Services department for some years. She should bring some stability to a group of new assistant superintendents.

Making the new positions temporary, will allow the new board the ability to select their own team. This is a good move. I hope the board will provide the public a complete explanation for replacing Mr. Elatar with one of his deputy. This will be important to maintain the public's trust.