BUSD, Please Don't Delay the Tournament Hills Project Any Longer

At last night’s Beaumont Unified board meeting the board clarified their position on the administration's new policy of charging volunteers for fingerprinting and background checks. The board never approved the change in the policy and has instructed the administration to stop charging volunteers and reimburse volunteers who have already paid the $64. This was good news and I applaud the board for addressing this so quickly.

The Tournament Hills Elementary School parking lot project is still on hold for at least another board meeting or two. There is a workshop scheduled for September 25th to discuss funding alternatives to using Measure Z funds for the safety project. The project is being delayed because Mr. Orozco convinced his colleagues to look for an alternative to using Measure Z funds for the project. The primary reason I voted for Measure Z, was to improve safety around our schools.

Mr. Orozco, Mrs. Lara, Mr. Hackney, Mrs. Poulter and Mrs. De Longchamp - please move forward with the Tournament Hills project now and then begin addressing the safety issues around the other schools.