Business as Usual In Beaumont Unified Needs to Change - The Race is on!

The public school system is being cannibalized by budget cuts, unfunded mandates and unfunded liabilities. The public school culture needs to change but those of us with kids in the system know we don’t have time to wait for the rest of the state to wake up. We need to take control and make some changes in Beaumont. We need to stop waiting for our state and federal government leaders to solve our problems; their leadership has been failing our kids. We can blame the poor economy and hope it will turn around soon. We can support school board members who hope for tax increases to bail us out. Even if tax increases are approved, no one can guarantee our schools will see any additional revenue any time soon, if ever.

I have been working for five years to convince the school board and administration to be more transparent and welcome input from parents. I’ve attended board meetings served on the School Site council, PTA, and district committees. Dr. Kayrell and his administration happily include parents helping in the classroom; supporting teachers who have seen their classes increase in size almost every year. They welcome PTA money for fieldtrips and school supplies, things that used to be paid for by our school districts. And, while they support Governor Brown’s strategy to hold our schools hostage for more money from taxpayers, they reduce the control parents on our school site councils have on our kids’ resources. When I asked for more accountability and transparency, our school board and administration tried to discourage and discredit me. This is how parents wanting to get involved in our kids’ education in Beaumont have been treated by this administration and the majority of this school board for far too long.

I have done all I can as a parent to get our school board to wake up and realize business as usual in Beaumont Unified has to change. Parents, teachers, and administrators need to come together to create our own local solutions. I have positive ideas for change and I will work towards a true and equal collaboration between parents, teachers and the administration. This has been my focus since my daughter started kindergarten five years ago. This will continue to be my focus regardless of the outcome of the election. However, as long as this administration is allowed by the school board to conduct business as usual, parents will never be included in making the important decisions affecting our kids’ futures. Our school board needs independent leadership to change the culture in Beaumont Unified. This is why I have filed to run for school board. This is why I need your support.