Beaumontians Will Make The Right Choice


Thank you for the kind words in your comment to my previous post. I want to assure you, when it comes to my kids' education, I can't be intimidated. I won't be accepting financial support from anyone and I'm not running for school board as a stepping stone to a higher office. Even if I don't win, I will stay focused and vocal. I welcome Bogh Engineering, and any other group or individual in Beaumont who wants to work with me for our kids.
I am sure there are many in Beaumont who are benefiting from business as usual at BUSD and will probably find, or encourage, a candidate to run against me. I also know many of these same people understand what's in the best interest for their families and are worried about the direction our state and schools are headed.
Every parent realizes our kids are growing up too fast and we only have a short window in time to really make a difference and prepare them to be productive, successful, and happy adults. I am confident when choosing between their kids' futures and the status quo, Beaumontians will make the right choice.