Guaranteed Maximum Price Isn't Really Guaranteed

In a special Beaumont Unified School Board meeting next Tuesday, July 2nd, the board will approve an increase to the previously "guaranteed maximum price" for the athletic complex. The new "guaranteed maximum price" requested by Bogh Engineering will increase the total by more than a half a million dollars, $546,284. It could be worse, according to the request for the increase submitted by Bogh, there is a credit for $100,000 "as requested by Barry Kayrell".

Here is the district's explanation for the increase:

"The board approved the contract prior to final DSA (Division of State Architect) approval for the flood control crossing/pedestrian bridge. Bogh Engineering , Inc, is requesting a change order to accommodate the additional costs not included in the original guaranteed maximum price lease/leaseback contract"

I find it interesting the letter from Mark Bogh requesting the increase is dated February 24, 2012. Why did the administration wait more than four months to bring this to a vote? And, why in a special board meeting in the middle of the summer? And finally, it's even more interesting that the new "guaranteed maximum price" total isn't anywhere in the agenda item or the supporting documentation.

I wonder if I missed any of the other "new maximum guaranteed prices".

... I'm just asking since no one else will.