Beaumont School Board Will Consider More Cuts

Today I submitted a request to Dr. Kayrell and School Board President Mrs. Lara to add an agenda item for a future board meeting to consider transferring money from the travel and conferences budget to the materials and supplies budget. My idea was to lessen the amount of personal funds many of our teachers use to supplement their supplies budget. Please read my previous post, "Less Travel For Administrators & More Supplies For Our Kids" to fully understand my position.

I received a quick response from Mrs. Lara to confirm she had received my request and to inform me that "there will be an agenda item addressing all Budget Review Committee (BRC) recommendations on (next weeks') agenda.  Included with that recommendation is the proposal to reduce travel and conference expenses." The BRC recommendations she was referring to are the ones discussed in the Board's workshop in April.

I have been critical of the Beaumont School Board's decision to exclude parents in the budget cutting discussions and I was skeptical these BRC recommendations would ever be seriously considered. I am encouraged the board will finally show us where they stand on reducing or eliminating programs and services such as travel and conferences; middle and high school athletics; and summer school; just to name a few. I had hoped this would be done before any teachers or staff were laid off but I feel it is better late than never.

There was very little interest from parents and the community when these issues were discussed in the April workshop. I hope this time around more parents will seize the opportunity to make their wishes known. I will be there to support reducing Travel and Conference and asking the board to consider increasing classroom supply budgets. For now, my request for an agenda item will go through the process. I may modify it later depending on the outcome of next week's meeting.