Beaumont High School Ranks #386 in California - #1,899 Nationally

In a report published yesterday (May 8), U.S.News Ranks Nation's Best High Schools,   Beaumont High School is ranked #386 in California and #1,899 nationally and has a "College Ready Index" of 17.7 (out of a possible 100). We can do better, we need to do better. Our kids are counting on us.  

Please read this article Potrero Hill elementary school is a success story to remind yourself what parents are capable of accomplishing. Then read what U.S. News and World Report has to say about Beaumont High School. Then forward this to every parent you know to make sure they are aware of the challenges our kids will face if we don't turn around the performance of the high school. Our kids deserve more than a state-of-the-art stadium and $10 million district office.

For those of us with kids in our award winning elementary schools, there is still time to turn this around. Over the last five years, I have been doing everything I can as a parent to convince our district to organize and partner with parents. We need a school board and administration that recognize the value of parents and welcome a partnership with us. I have proposed many ideas but until we take back our school board, they will just remain ideas. This is why I am running for the Beaumont Unified School Board.

I believe parents can make a difference and if I am elected to the school board I will do everything I can to work with parents to make sure our kids have a high school that will prepare them for the future. I don't claim to have all the answers but I know the solution begins with involved parents.

I have decided to run with no outside financial support, I don't want to owe anyone but my kids. You won't be seeing any fliers, posters, banners, and yard signs but I still have to get my name out. I need to get voters to visit my website and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. My presence on the Internet alone isn't going to be enough. This is where you can help.

I need to get in front of as many people as I can between now and November. If you are having an event, meeting, or any kind of get together no matter how large or small and you want to help me get my message out, I want to be there. Please contact me and let me know.

Beginning in the second week in June, you will find me every Friday morning between 6 and 7 at Starbucks on Beaumont Ave next to Stater Brothers. Come by and have a cup of coffee and let's talk about what I think parents are capable of and how we can make a difference. 

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