Mountain View Medical Emergency Follow-Up

Yesterday, I wrote a post about a comment I received from a parent about a possible automobile accident that may, or may not, have taken place at Beaumont Unified’s Mountain View Middle School’s campus. This parent, like myself and many others, is concerned about the traffic issues around our schools. Problems we expected to be addressed by funds from Measure Z when many of us supported it almost four years ago. He was concerned for the safety of his son and, since he hadn’t seen anything in the local press about the accident, asked me if I might be able to help him find out what happened.

In my post, which I duplicated on the Banning-Beaumont Patch, I asked for anyone with information to leave a comment. I received a quick response from the Patch’s new editor, Renee Schiavone. She contacted Superintendent Kayrell and was told, “ the incident actually involved NO students. It was actually 3 adults that all suffered medical problems.” He also told her “there was no sort of crash, either.”

Today, after I relayed Dr. Kayrell’s response back to the concerned parent, he told me “Kayrell's explanation doesn't even sound close to what my son described. It’s ironic that I put much more faith in a 13 year olds description of events than a seasoned district superintendent.”

The following is what his son told him:

It happened right at the entry to the roundabout where the students cross the driveway, an area where few adults are ever seen walking or even out of their cars during student pick-up. There were 2 fire trucks and an ambulance/paramedic vehicle. The car involved was stopped just past the apron as it entered the roundabout. There were paramedics with a gurney tending to the girl who was sitting on the ground leaning against the car tire. She looked very disoriented. Security at the school would not let anyone get any closer, and they were trying to route the foot traffic away from the incident. So, he was not able to see the actual identity of the girl. He was pretty sure she was a student (he said she was very young looking). His friends were also relatively sure it was a student.

When I first read Ms. Schiavone’s comment about Dr. Kayrell’s response on the Patch, I wondered what medical problem 3 adults would suffer simultaneously that would warrant the level of emergency response reported. After hearing the account from an eyewitness of the scene (not the “accident”), I wonder if Dr. Kayrell and this parent are talking about the same incident. I probably sound like a conspiracy nut but I know through experience, the transparency and openness of Kayrell’s administration is limited, to put it mildly. This is another example where a better relationship between BUSD’s administration and parents would make us all better off.