Those Cuts Were Never Seriously to be Considered

In response to my last post in the Patch, Claire made the following comment on the Patch:

What ever happened to the cuts they were going to make to the other areas of the budget. I remember a school board meeting where they looked at cuts but were told by the superintendent that they could not vote on them and they would be brought back to vote on at another meeting. Was that a farce? When will they be looking at those cuts?

This was my response:


Those cuts were never seriously to be considered. Those were recommendations from Dr. Kayrell's advisory Budget Review Committee (BRC). For a couple years, I was the parent representative on the BRC until I realized  the purpose of the BRC was to provide cover for the Superintendent. The BRC is chaired by the Asst Sup. of Business Services, the district's CFO (Chief Financial Officer). The BRC is asked for input on the budget cuts process but they are never provided the information to provide useful input. The CFO spends most of the BRC meetings presenting the cuts Dr. Kayrell wants and then allows the last 15 minutes for the BRC to brainstorm while he actively discourages anything not in his plan.

In the school board's workshop, the CFO focused on two areas for cuts, busing and staff, and then allowed the board to brainstorm about the BRC's recommendations. Click here for my summary of the workshop.

Dr. Kayrell and the collective will of the board never intended voting on the BRC's recommendations. This was all done to appease Mr. Orozco and Mrs. Poulter's desire for transparency. The district will be transferring the busing to the city and the cuts to the staff have been exchanged for cuts to our kids' class time. This was the plan from the start and something I have been predicting. One thing I can say for the administration, they are predictable. This is why no public forums were held; the public just gets in the way.