CTA and CSBA Please Don't Accept Anymore Unfunded Mandates

In this week's board meeting, we heard School Board Member and State Assembly Candidate Mark Orozco talk about the CSBA's (California School Boards Association) decision to support both tax increase initiatives on the ballot in November. He went on to recommend the Beaumont Unified School Board follow the CSBA's example; I am sure we will be seeing a resolution in the near future. We also heard from the BTA (Beaumont Teachers Association) President, about how important it is to support the November tax initiatives.

During this same board meeting we heard from the site administrators' (principals) representative about how Federal and State mandates burdened the district to provide unfunded programs and services, programs such as transitional kindergarten and Common Core Standards. We often hear teachers and their union representatives complain about these same mandates. These Federal and State mandates, especially unfunded ones, are placing an undue burden on our school district budgets. This burden is magnified during the difficult economic environment.

The CTA (California Teacher's Association) is one of the most politically powerful organizations in our country. According to Mr. Orozco, the CSBA represents the largest body of elected officials in California. I don't agree with their stance on increasing taxes but I understand why these organizations use their power and influence to convince the people of California to make more sacrifices.

I'd like to see these two groups use their clout to push back on the mandates. What do you think would happen if the CSBA and the CTA were to tell the Governor, the President and their educational departments that we've had enough and refuse to follow any more unfunded mandates? Would California Department of Education punish every school district in the state? Would President Obama cut off all Federal funds for education to the largest state in an election year? How do you think Governor Brown and President Obama would respond to one of their largest financial supporters standing up for our kids?