What are Those Knuckleheads at BUSD Up To Now?

Since our school district refuse to embrace technology of the 21st century in their methods of communications with parents, we are forced to wait for the flyer in our kids' backpacks or hope we don't hang-up too soon on the daily robo-call to get important information. We just received a flyer in my son's back pack with revised starting and ending times for next year. Our flyer only addresses Anna Hause and Brookside so I am hoping other parents can fill us all in with the information for their schools and see if we can figure out what Dr. Kayrell and The Collective are up to now.

Brookside and Anna Hause will now be starting at 9:00 am and getting out at 3:20 pm on regular days (1:53 pm on those minimum days we all love so much...not!).

I am sure parents who drop their kids off at school on their way to work are going to have some issues with these new times. I wonder if the high school will be having a revised schedule as well, if not, Brookside parents picking up their kids will now have to deal with the high school traffic as well as traffic from the Taj Mahal.

Assuming the district will be eliminating transportation next year, what's the reason for the later start times. Do you think anyone in the district will ask parents what they think? I would love to be able to send the district an email or pick up the phone and call to get my answers but I'm not sure if I would be following the latest policy and would have to probably wait a month for an answer; I probably couldn't afford the documentation fees anyways.