I'm In

I have spent the last five school years trying to convince the Beaumont Unified school board and Dr. Kayrell's administration to involve parents in the decisions that affect the lives of our kids. It is clear to me, as long as Dr. Kayrell's collective board, as he likes to call the three members that always vote to support his position, continue to allow parents to be alienated and disrespected, nothing I do or say will change anything.

I am done attending board meetings as an interested parent and asking the questions no one else will. As a parent,I will never be able to truly make a difference and make sure that my kids receive the best educational opportunity possible. This is why I've decided to run for the school board in November.

I believe it is time parents once again have a say in what happens in our schools. We are not able to rely on our elected officials to honestly represent us when they are beholding to the powerful and connected who fund their campaigns and expect loyalty in return. We need board members who are willing to question the actions of the superintendent and his administration. We need board members who won't take the easy way out and just accept that the administration knows best.

I haven't lived in Beaumont all my life and I'm not related to any of the community's influential families. I know I've stepped on a lot of toes and there will be other candidates with more connections, willing to spend a lot of money and make a lot of promises to get elected. I know I will have an uphill battle but if I am elected, I will not be in debt to anyone, except my kids. It is because of my kids,Caitlin and Riley, that even against the odds, I have to try.

I will not be accepting any financial support and will be spending very little of my own money, only what I am already spending to maintain my website, about $12 a month. I won't be actively seeking endorsements from any groups or individuals and I won't embrace any that come with conditions or expectations.

My website will continue to be my platform. If you want to support me you can do it best by sending your friends to my site, OurFocusOurKids.com. Everything anyone wants to know about me and where I stand can be found here. If I am unclear on any of my positions in my posts, leave a comment on the post and I will respond. I believe this is the best way to establish open lines of communication and a community dialog. Open communication and a community dialog is something I plan to continue after the election regardless of the outcome. If there is anything else, relevant to the election, anyone needs to know, they can contact me at OurFocusOurKids@gmail.com.

Wish me luck!