Superintendent Kayrell, Please Take Note

Corona-Norco school district, whose budget has been cut $140 million in the past four years, has a 92 percent graduation rate, an Academic Performance Index rating (API) of 815, and has narrowed the graduation rate gap between Asians and whites and traditionally lower-performing blacks and Latinos. 

How have they accomplished this? They encourage students and parents to contribute. And, they avoid strict lesson plans and allow teachers and administrators to develop their own strategies

"We don't go buy something and impose it on them," Colleen Hawkins, director of curriculum and instruction, told the Times. "They are invested in it and created it. They own it and own the results." 

For the whole story, read the Mercury News Article “So. Calif. School Finalist Achievement Award”.

Beaumont Unified’s administrators should learn a few things from Corona-Norco.

P.S. The Superintendent for Corona-Norco reduced his own salary $25,000 in 2009