A Budget Workshop? Our Public Forum


On Tuesday, April 24th, the Beaumont Unified School Board will “conduct a budget workshop to consider options for reducing the District’s budget”. The board’s agenda indicates a starting time of 5:30 pm but there may be a closed session before the workshop. These special meetings are always hard to figure out what time the public will be allowed to speak.

If you’ve never been to “The Show” before, I highly recommend attending this performance. It should be interesting to see how they are able to conduct a workshop with no preparation information. How will they be able to consider options without a list of programs and services and the costs associated with the programs and services? How will they make informed decisions without recommendations from the all important Budget Review Committee? - The answer? They will have this information.

I’ve been asking the board to release this information for almost two months. Two days ago I offered to end all my request for public information if the district would just provide the public with the information the board members will be considering to help them make decisions that will affect so many lives and families in Beaumont. Realizing they would be conducting their workshop in a few days, I knew I wouldn't have any of the documents in time for the workshop. So, yesterday, I made an “official” request to withdraw all my previous requests. I did this knowing the information I have been asking for will be provided to our board members on Tuesday, we are entitled to it as well.

This workshop will be the closest thing to a public forum they will be offering. It is time for our community to stand up for our kids. It is time parents tell the school board and superintendent that we have a right to know what they know. Please show up and demand to see the supporting documentation the board members will be considering. We are entitled to this information and we shouldn’t have to be discredited or forced to jump through their hoops to get it. 

Since the administration has successfully deterred and delayed me at every turn, I have no idea what programs or services are on the chopping block. All I have to go on are rumors and historical precedent. If any of the following issues are important to you or your children, please make an effort to be heard.


·         Reduced instructional time, a shortened school year
·         Increased class sizes
·         Closing an elementary school
·         Closing the Beaumont High School swimming pool
·         Ending Elementary School transportation (except for Special Education)
·         Band Instructor
·         High school sports
·         Dual Immersion Program at Palm Elementary
·         Librarians
·         Counselors
·         Site support staff (office, playground, crossing guards)