Where are the Teachers?

My purpose for asking for the detailed budget expenditure information was to look for programs and services that the board and administration may be prioritizing differently than parents would. I am hoping to prevent the student to teacher ratio from growing and the instructional hours from shrinking. The positive results of my efforts would likely be a reduction in the number of teachers losing their jobs. This makes me wonder why more teachers aren't supporting my petition.

I have heard that many teachers, and classified employees, fear retribution by our administration. I understand this. If I openly questioned the behavior of my company's management, I would expect to lose my job. But I thought this was why our teachers coveted their tenure. It seems to me the only teachers who should fear retribution would be those without tenure. I believe there are more than three hundred teachers in the district and I know many of them have their children in our schools. Maybe they didn't know it is possible to sign the petition anomynously.

I know if the petition was in support of raising our taxes to save teacher jobs, the leaders of the state teachers' union, California Teachers Association, would be, at the very least, encouraging their membership to sign. I am trying to save teacher jobs by eliminating non-crucial programs and services without increasing our taxes. Doesn't this deserve support from our teachers?