They Still Don’t Get It

I have sent the following in an email to each of the five board members and copied Superintendent Kayrell and Assistant Superintendent Elatar. I will post any response I receive.


Last night, after I read my address to the board, several board members spoke about their misgivings about how their policy and procedures have made it difficult for me to request public information. They accepted responsibility for not making it clear what procedures I was supposed to follow. They seem to recognize they need to work on improving their policy and I look forward to seeing that take place. However, they also suggested my requests were vague and that I need to realize that not all the information they have is easily available.

I am going to try one more time to explain my purpose for requesting information…

I assumed before a board member approves laying-off a single teacher or classified employee, they are presented with information of the costs associated with the programs and services the administration is asking them to prioritize over someone’s livelihood and the children that will be affected by their decisions. If they are not being provided with this information, someone needs to ask why. If they have been provided with this information, I think parents should also have access to this information.

This was all I ever wanted. It didn’t have to come through me; it could have been presented to the public in a way that the administration could control. It was the reaction of the district that led me to increase the scope of my request. I believed the board members already had access to this information and it would be readily available. The fact that the board and the administration were so reluctant to work with me made me question why. This is why the scope of my request increased.

Please consider the following an official request and let me know if I need to submit in a format to be considered “official”.

I will withdraw all my requests for any public information if the district will just provide the public with the information they have provided our elected board members to help them make the decisions that will affect so many lives and families in Beaumont.