First Document Received - Now the Fun Begins

Thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement and to those who have signed my petition. We are beginning to get results from our efforts.

Today, I received the first document from Assistant Superintendent Wael Elatar. I'm not surprised to find it fairly useless. It was sent to me in a pdf document, not a spreadsheet, and there was not a chart of accounts included.

A pdf document can't be sorted, filtered, searched, or easily analyzed. And, without a chart of accounts, telling me what category each fund code represents, the document is a table of useless numbers. Mr. Elatar has shown his expertise with spreadsheets in The Show many times and I am sure he knows the value of a spreadsheet. I know the documents come from the county's servers as spreadsheets or at least as a comma delimited text file, something that I can convert to a spreadsheet. It appears to be a screen shot but I have seen Mr. Elatar present similar numbers in spreadsheet presentations, I'm sure he knows how to provide me something with which I can work.

I sent Mr. Elatar a request for a spreadsheet version and a chart of accounts. Here is a link to the General Ledger Summary even though in its current form it won't be very useful. Below is Mr. Elatar's email. I will continue posting every correspondence and file I receive from the district.


Email received 4/12/12 from Assistant Superintendent Wael Elatar

Mr. White: 

Thank you for your e-mail of April 11, 2012.  You have asked for an electronic version of the General Ledger Summary to respond to your public records request of April 3, 2012.  The ledger is attached hereto as a response to that request.

District staff is presently trying to find a way to compress the data files furtherand be able to exclude exempt information related to student’s and parent’s information within a detailed general ledger.  

Your April 11, 2012 request also asks for "detailed information" in four categories within your previous request. District staff will review your request and will respond to you accordingly.

At this time, the response to your request for a General Ledger Summary is attached.  Should you like to make an additional specific document request as detailed herein, please advise by doing so in writing and BUSD will respond to you accordingly.

As with the prior response to you from BUSD on April 11, 2012, Beaumont Unified School District reserves the right, duties, and obligation to review, identify, remove or redact privileged, protected and/or exempt documents under Government Code section 6250 et seq. and other applicable state and federal legal protections as they may arise and appear in the documents, to include but not be limited to employee and personnel records, student educational records, medical and physician/patient privacies, and attorney/client privileges and litigation privileges, among others.  



Wael Elatar